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Allcocks are proud, premier stockists of Zeiss Optics, with a wide range of ZEISS scopes and binoculars. Our staff have visited the Carl Zeiss factory in Wetzlar and attended a seminar to gain substantial knowledge and information about the models, functions and practical applications of Zeiss products. Contact us today for expert advice.

About Zeiss

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has a long history and a wealth of experience. Carl Zeiss founded the company in 1846 which started off as a small workshop for optics in Jena and by 1847 he was making microscopes full-time. In 1904 the first Zeiss riflescope was built using a prism construction with double magnification and 1917 saw the introduction of wide angle eyepieces in Zeiss binoculars for increased field of view. The company now has an international reputation for the highest quality and most innovative products on the optics market. The range of Zeiss products combine functional design and technical precision equally. Zeiss Optics acts as a partner for experiencing nature by hunters, animal and bird watchers as well as everyone involved in outdoor activities. Countless optic innovations and cutting-edge technologies has given Carl Zeiss its worldwide reputation as a brand the enhances the moment and brings you closer to nature than ever thought possible. No other optics manufacturer has demonstrated so much innovation and technological advances over a longer period than Carl Zeiss. Today, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is a high-tech company that is part of a leading optics corporation.

Zeiss Innovation

Research and development have been the key to 165 years of success for Zeiss Optics. 10% of Carl Zeiss’ revenue is invested in research and development which leads to many more innovative products. After the invention of the T* Multi-Layer-Coating image brightness at twilight was redefined and is still an outstanding feature of Zeiss Optics prices. The Abbe-Kong prism systems are always used in Zeiss Binoculars which makes them perfect for use in low light conditions because it has the brightest erecting system in binocular construction. In 2006 Zeiss invented the LotuTec coating for external lenses. The coating allows water to roll off the lens and it also prevents the accumulation of fingerprints and dirt. This process has already been used over a million times on Zeiss Optics!

Zeiss Optics Production

The optics of Carl Zeiss are renowned for their quality and precision. Producing such precise products requires skilled staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques alongside modern CNC machines. Zeiss has around 700 employees worldwide with 400 of them based in Germany. Modern machinery, elaborate quality control methods, and dust-free rooms are all contributing factors towards the high standards at Zeiss but it is primarily the motivation and knowledge of their staff that is the real hallmark of the products. For example, the assembly for binoculars and riflescopes is divided into various assembly lines. The flexible nature of the workstations means that all employees have to have a high level of skill. Zeiss’ Wetzlar plant is where all riflescopes for the European market are made including Victory, Classic, and Duralyt. This has been complemented by the plant in Hungary for many years.