CO2 Air Pistols for Sale

CO2 Pellet Pistols At Allcocks

Instead of utilising pressure created by flammable powder, CO2 air pistols compress carbon dioxide to push projectiles down the barrel. CO2 pellet pistols are very popular at Allcocks, simply because they offer rugged simplicity while you’re out in the field.

Carbon dioxide is used as a catalyst due to its unique characteristics. Adding it to a special pressurised capsule causes the compound to partially liquidise, which means the canister contains both liquid and gas. When the user pulls the trigger, a valve opens on the cylinder, which allows gas to transition into the barrel. This sudden pressure dip fires the projectile through the barrel of the gun.

At Allcocks we have such a vast range of CO2 air pistols for sale, you're certain to find the perfect weapon for your next outdoor adventure.