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We stock a wide range of Browning shotguns for sale here at Allcocks. Browning firearms is a company steeped in tradition and a lengthy history that spans right back to 1805. Jonathan Browning, having sought a life in the American West, set up a business as a gunmaker of much acclaim. The company eventually settled in Ogden, Utah, only a few miles from where it currently resides.

Jonathan's son John, having spent many years in his father's gun shop, began work on a single shot rifle, that he believed superior to other similar firearms. By the turn of the 20th century, John was designing and manufacturing his inventions for other gun makers, while also working on game-changing research that would eventually spawn fully automatic firearms and self-loading pistols. Much of this research was used to create some of the most well-known guns of all time.

We have a large selection of Browning shotguns for sale, and at Allcocks we're proud to stock a brand of such distinction and one that is synonymous with superior class and quality.