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CC Moore at Allcocks

New for 2019, Allcocks are now proud stockists of CC Moore. After our members of staff using CC Moore and catching carp left right and centre, including a UK 40 lb+, it was evident we had to become CC Moore stockists.

We hold a wide range of CC Moore’s Live System, their Pacific Tuna and other additives to make your next trip on the bank a productive one. CC Moore boilies, pop-ups, pellets and liquids will have you covered for every eventuality.

CC Moore’s Aim

Since the company began in 2011, CC Moore has had one aim; “To provide top quality, innovative products at the forefront of bait production, while maintaining excellent value for money.”.

CC Moore have a particular focus on providing bait coarse and carp anglers at all levels of experience. They offer a range of bait that is always growing, competitively priced and has a track record.

Why should you use CC Moore?

Carp fishing is becoming more and more popular, bait selection and quality are having a huge effect on angler’s results. CC Moore keep this in mind as they continue to release new products that will give their customers an edge over other anglers, allowing them to target and catch the biggest, most sought after carp all across the globe.

With the wide range of ingredients, additives and finished baits from CC Moore, the baiting possibilities are endless. With your imagination and CC Moore baits, you can make a huge difference to your catch results.

CC Moore’s roots come from the pet food and animal feed industry. This means that when they joined the angling industry they already had lots of knowledge under their belt about animal nutrition. This is the main reason why CC Moore baits really stand out from the rest.

Every single year a high number of the most sought after carp in the UK and Europe are being captured using CC Moore. These carp are being caught from a variety of different venues, from high pressured day tickets to private estate lakes where the fish may never have been caught before. Thousands of dream-making carp have fallen foul to the irresistible attraction, nutrition, and flavours of CC Moore baits, all of which are being added to the ever-growing list of captures made in recent years.

CC Moore work alongside their consultant angling experts including Gaz Fareham and Kev Hewitt just to name a couple. They form a vital part of the CC Moore team because these top specimen hunters really put the baits to the test, ensuring that only the very best quality baits are released to you, the customer. Extensive testing and their nutrition expertise is a deadly combination that produces baits that fish simply cannot resist.

CC Moore produce their bait in one of the highest quality centres in the industry. Because the vast majority of their range is made from human grade products, their storage, processing, and handling has to be at the highest possible standard. This is because CC Moore say that there is no point producing the highest quality ingredients and finished baits to then be let down by the storage and production process. They have invested heavily in a purpose-built facility to ensure that no cross-contamination can ever happen to the baits on-site.

No matter where or when you fish, there is a bait available from CC Moore that will be your key component that will help turn a blank fishing session, to one that you will never forget. The diverse nature and size of the range that CC Moore has to offer means that you will never run out of options. You will have a huge number of pellets, boilies, additives, and hook baits to choose from for whenever the going gets tough.

Join many of the most successful anglers in the UK and Europe by making CC Moore your very first choice for bait, and make Allcock’s Outdoor your first choice CC Moore stockist.

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