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Bait Tech at Allcocks

We are proud Bait Tech stockists here at Allcocks. Bait-Tech is the home of specialist baits, therefore only producing the very best baits possible. Their unique ingredients and manufacturing process allows Bait-Tech to develop, then fine-tune their bait. The extrusion and cooking of the ingredients not only makes Bait-Tech's bait easy to mix but also allows them to produce the most digestible bait ever for fish.

About Bait Tech

Bait-Tech products are backed and developed by a team of top-class anglers all over the UK that give their feedback after using the bait on the bank. This is of course after the baits have been bench tested in the lab and tank tested for feeding responses.

For example, the Bait-Tech Carp Method Mix - Sweet Coconut took 19 recipes before Bait-Tech were happy to release it, meaning you the end user, get the best bait possible. This extensive testing ensures that every product will perform to the maximum in any fishing situation. The technicians at Bait-Tech have developed a range of bait that gives anglers simply the best quality product for match anglers and specimen hunters alike.

Bait-Tech continues to innovate and expand their range of bait, keeping you ahead of the game and putting more fish on the bank. They were the first to develop soft hooker pellets, canned meat, and hemp. We are sure they will be the first to develop many more baits in the future too.

Bait Tech Groundbait

Groundbait is the most successful bait for fish attraction and Bait-Tech groundbait is no different. It is a powerful method to attract and hold fish in your swim, it will keep them occupied for a very long time. Whether you are fishing for carp on a method feeder or barbel and silverfish on the river, Bait-Tech groundbait will have you covered.

Bait Tech Pellets

Bait-Tech supply a wide range of pellets, they incorporated the best fish catching ingredient into a pellet with the creation of the Bait-Tech Krill Pellets. These nutrient-rich, high protein pellets are a fish magnet, drawing fish into your swim. The rest of the range has you covered for any fishing situation, it includes; Halibut Marine, Carp, XPAND and even Sticky Method pellets.

Bait Tech Boilies

The Bait-Tech Poloni range has taken the carp fishing scene by storm. After 2 years of development and testing, it was finally released. The Poloni Boilies are nutritionally balanced which means the carp will accept them as a year-round food source. Bait-Tech’s secret 8 herbs and spices give carp anglers 100% confidence in this bait no matter what time of year. Bait-Tech also offer matching Poloni Pop-Ups to give you multiple ways to present your bait on the lake bed.

The whole range of baits from Bait-Tech are of the highest quality and proven fish catchers, be sure to order yours today!