Korda Fishing

Korda Fishing Essentials at Allcocks

The Korda fishing brand has become the epitome of a modern age of carp fishing. Since the beginning in 1993, Korda has been at the forefront of all the technical innovations that have gone on to become essential gear for all of those passionate fishermen frequenting the rivers and streams. The company has forged a reputation as one of the UK’s most celebrated fishing brands and has done this by adhering to one core goal: every product must have a practical use out on the banks. Korda is made up of experienced and passionate carp anglers. The directors and those at the top of the company encourage their employees to spend as much time on the banks as possible; they believe this is the only way to create perfect products fit for purpose. This commitment means that any product you buy at Allcocks will be reliable, simple and of fantastic quality.