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8 Item(s)

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In 1911, the widow Teresa Benelli invested everything the family had into an auto service company with the hope of providing a steady trade for her six sons. As the company grew it ventured into motorcycle servicing and production, and it was this success that enabled them to expand into hunting - one of the family's passions. From this the family made it clear that they were providing Benelli shotguns for sale.

They teamed up with Bruno Civolani and developed a semi-automatic shotgun with a revolutionary inertia driven mechanism, which is considered to be one of the finest operating systems ever devised. The system is designed to be reliable and simple, low maintenance and easy to clean. Each gun offers outstanding reliability because of its perfectly balanced, lightweight, durable frame.

Reliability it what sets Benelli apart from the rest, and this is why we stock a broad range at of Benelli shotguns for sale at Allcocks. Once you buy a Benelli firearm, you'll be hard-pressed to find any brand that does it better.