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Since its establishment back in 1921, Sako firearms has weaved a vivid and colourful tapestry. Initially built to design and create service arms for the Finnish Civil Guard; the company went on to play a critical role in the Scandinavian fight during the Second World War. After the war, the company began to focus on production, honouring their skilled draughtsman and crafting innovative solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

Since then, Sako firearms and Sako accessories continue to be used as world-class military weaponry. Using this knowledge, Sako can offer customers excellent reliability and outstanding accuracy.

In 2000, Sako firearms was purchased by Beretta, and this has enabled them to go from strength-to-strength equipped with Beretta's investment and unique history within the industry. Sako is one of the finest brands we offer here at Allcocks, and their distinctive take on manufacturing is one that wins life-long fans time and time again.