Outdoor Multi Tools

Multi tools combine a range of functional tools within one handy sized, portable unit. Leatherman is a USA based company which is well known for being a market leader in the design and production of multi tools and knives. Being in business for more than 29 years, the company have produce a very wide variety of multi tools which combine a plethora of tools into single units.

The Style multi tool keychain is one of the smallest that the company produces – so small that it’s able to fit onto your keychain. This tool combines 4 essential tools, including a knife, scissors, a nail file, a screwdriver and tweezers. This is one of the cheaper options and is currently available here at Allcocks for a great price of only £15.99.

One of the larger Leatherman multi tools is the Charge TTi, which combines more than 20 functional tools such as pliers, wire cutters, scissors, knives and much more. This tool has a retail price of £169 and is presently available here at Allcocks for only £159!

The Leatherman Core is a multi-tool that combines more than 15 fantastic tools in one for a fantastic bargain price of only £79.99. This tool is an updated version of the popular Super Tool 200, utilizing stronger pliers, longer blades and three wire cutters.

Multi Tools are excellent pieces of kit that can become a daily essential to many people in a variety of professions, or even just for the everyday man who wants the ease and convenience that comes with having a variety of tools in your pocket, without having to carry a toolbox with your wherever you go!

Allcocks outdoor store sell a variety of multi tools which combine hundreds of essential tools in handy sized units, all for excellent prices that you wouldn't want to miss out on!