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We are proud stockists of ESP Carpgear and we hold a wide range of ESP tackle. Their top quality, innovative tackle will keep you prepared for any eventuality on you might face on your next fishing trip. From hooks and line to reels and brollies, ESP will have you covered. If you require any advice on ESP tackle, call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable members of staff today: 01299 518015.

ESP Carp - History

Do you know what ESP stands for? Extra Sensory Perception.

ESP was launched in 1999, the brand name was inspired by an off-the-cuff remark. The remark was made about ESP’s longtime consultant Terry Hearn. Someone suggested that he must have a sixth sense or extra sensory perception because he caught so many difficult to catch carp all across the country. That is how ESP Carp was born.

ESP Carp Gear - Innovation

ESP Carp initially specialised in end tackle, but over the years they have expanded their range to include rods, reels, clothing and luggage all of which are the highest quality. In the first range of terminal tackle that ESP Carp released were the famous G-4 and T-6 hooks, they took the carp scene by storm. They were the first carp fishing hooks that had needle-like points, much sharper than anything that had been on the market previously. Not only that, they were designed in conjunction with ESP’s consultant Terry Hearn. Terry recognised the importance of having a super-sharp hook, it was his biggest edge when it came to angling for some of the biggest, weariest and highly pressured carp in the country.

A short time after, ESP released the ‘Stiff Rigger’ hook, this one was specifically designed for Terry’s hinged stiff rig. Although the ‘Stiff Hinge Rig’ is still highly effective, it has developed over the years into the ‘Chod Rig’ and that hook is perfect for those type of presentations. In 2001, ESP Carp released the Big-T hooks, these hooks were the very first mainstream carp hooks that featured a PTFE coating. The set the standard throughout the carp tackle industry and everyone else followed.

For the next 5 years the ESP Carp range of hooks stayed the same, until 2016 when the Cryogen hook range was introduced which set yet another new standard. The ESP fishing Cyrogen hooks undergo a double tempering process, similar to that of F1 engine parts. This gives them unrivalled point durability and strength giving you full confidence at all times. They are 25% stronger than and previous ESP Carp hooks with the same wire thickness.

Overall, ESP Carp has been innovating the carp tackle industry from the off and they continue to do so year on year, all in their UK factories too!

Why should you use ESP Tackle?

Every single piece of ESP tackle is designed and made in-house. ESP’s CAD engineers work alongside their angling consultants to design, innovate and perfect new ESP tackle. This means that all products are made to a specification and never brought ‘off the shelf’.

ESP have their very own plastics factory, this means that all of their moulded components can be made to strict standards with a wide variety of polymers. Even the mould tools are made in the UK to make certain they are of the highest possible quality. ESP ready tied rigs and leaders are also made in ESP’s factory by their highly trained staff to make sure you get consistency and excellent quality you expect from ESP tackle.

ESP have also invested in CNC machines that they use in their UK based factories to make a variety of products, including the ESP Barrel Bobbins.

Every new piece of ESP Tackle is thoroughly tested by angling experts and then adjusted if necessary to ensure that you the end user get a products that is close to perfect as possible. This has helped ESP tackle to be some of the most widely used and respected in the tackle industry since 1999.

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