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Blaser Rifles & Shotguns At Allcock’s 

We have a wide range of Blaser Rifles for sale here at Allcock’s. We hold many stock variations of the famous Blaser R8 including the Professional, Professional Success, Professional Success Leather, and the stunning Monza.

After you’ve chosen a stock for your Blaser rifle, you can then combine this with any barrel/calibre that best suits you. We stock a variety Blaser Barrels for the R8 including; Standard, Fluted, Semi-Weight, Semi-Weight Fluted, and Match Fluted.

We also have a selection of Blaser Shotguns for sale, including both the Blaser F3 and Blaser F16.

If you require further advice about Blaser rifles or Blaser shotguns then give one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff a call: 01299 822 212.

Blaser’s Principal

Blaser rifles and shotguns are built on a passion for hunting, their innovative design allows hunters to be constantly equipped for any new challenges they may be faced with. Producing these innovations is only possible through people who drive with this passion.

Blaser is the leading innovator for both rifles and shotguns in the hunting weapons industry. They have over 50 years experience that has sharpened their sense for technological advances without ever losing sight of their ethical obligation.

Throughout every design and manufacturing process, Blaser always strives for excellence. But even still, true perfection is only possible with the passion that gives Blaser guns their character. When this is coupled with innovation you get a formula for timeless design.

The culture of Blaser Rifles and Shotguns

The system parts of Blaser guns are manufactured from solid blanks, this ensures durability, reliability and sound quality throughout. These blanks are then manufactured by the latest CNC machines which provide the basis for minimum tolerances and shooting accuracy that will last a lifetime.

All Blaser rifles and shotguns are made from a variety of high-quality materials. From highly-tempered steel to a precious piece of walnut wood they are all brought together with artistic precision to produce something truly unique. Every Blaser gun is an investment for a generation.

Blaser guns are characterised with a sense of traditional craftsmanship. Blaser’s highly-qualified engravers, gunsmiths and stock-makers make the gun into a masterpiece that has the same personality and passion as its future owner.

If you are looking to invest in your next gun, then look no further than a Blaser Rifle or Blaser Shotgun. They are tried, tested and the most innovative on the market today.

Blaser Shotguns For Sale