Secure RFD Gun Transfer Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of RFD gun transfer in the UK, ensuring a safe and compliant firearm exchange. Whether you are looking to transfer shotguns, airguns, rifles, or pistols, our experienced and accredited team at Allcocks Outdoor Store is here to help you every step of the way.

Understanding RFD Gun Transfer

Before diving into the specifics of RFD gun transfer, it is essential to understand the key terms and regulations surrounding firearm transfer in the UK. This section will provide an overview of the role of a registered firearms dealer, the importance of gun licensing, and the relevant firearm legislation you need to be aware of.

Registered Firearms Dealer

A registered firearms dealer (RFD) is a licensed individual or business authorized to conduct firearm transactions under the authority of the police. They play a critical role in facilitating legal firearm transfers, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and regulations.

Gun Licensing

Gun licensing is a crucial component of the firearm transfer process. In the UK, individuals who wish to possess or acquire firearms must hold a valid firearm certificate (FAC) or a shotgun certificate (SGC). These certificates are obtained through a thorough application process, including background checks and interviews with the police. It is important to note that different certificates apply to different categories and types of firearms.

Firearm Legislation

Firearm legislation in the UK is governed by the Firearms Act 1968, as amended, and other related regulations. These laws outline the legal requirements for owning, possessing, and transferring firearms, as well as the obligations of RFDs. Some key aspects of firearm legislation include restrictions on firearms ownership, the need for secure storage, and the prohibition of certain firearms.

Comparison of Gun Transfer Options

Type of Transfer Private Transfer RFD Transfer
Transfer Process Requires completion of transfer forms and agreement between parties Managed and facilitated by RFD, including necessary paperwork
Background Checks Only basic checks between individuals Comprehensive checks conducted by RFD and police
Legal Compliance Individual responsibility for ensuring compliance RFD ensures compliance with all legal requirements
Secure Storage Private arrangements, subject to inspection by the police RFD provides secure storage facilities

The Gun Transfer Process

In order to ensure a smooth and compliant transfer of firearms through an RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer), it's important to follow the step-by-step process outlined below. By adhering to these guidelines and working with a reputable dealer, such as Allcocks Outdoor Store, you can have peace of mind knowing that your firearm transfer will be handled with expertise and care.

Gather the Necessary Documentation

Before initiating the gun transfer process, it's crucial to gather all the required documentation. This typically includes:

  • Proof of identity
  • Firearm certificate or shotgun certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Transfer request form

Having these documents readily available will help streamline the transfer process and ensure compliance with gun transfer requirements.

Choose a Reliable Firearms Dealer

Next, it's important to select a trusted and accredited registered firearms dealer. An experienced dealer, like Allcocks Outdoor Store, will provide professional services and guide you through the entire gun transfer process. A reliable dealer will also ensure compliance with all necessary legal requirements and regulations.

Submit the Transfer Paperwork

Once you have gathered the required documentation and chosen a firearms dealer, you will need to complete the transfer paperwork. This typically involves filling out a transfer request form, which includes details about the firearm being transferred, your personal information, and the receiving party's information. It's important to accurately and thoroughly complete this paperwork to avoid any potential delays or complications.

Wait for the Transfer to be Approved

After submitting the transfer paperwork, the registered firearms dealer will initiate the transfer process on your behalf. The paperwork will be reviewed by the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with gun transfer requirements and regulations. The approval process may take some time, so it's important to be patient during this stage.

Collect or Receive the Transferred Firearm

Once the gun transfer has been approved, you can either collect the firearm from the registered firearms dealer's premises or arrange for its delivery to your designated address. It's crucial to comply with all legal requirements and procedures when taking possession of the transferred firearm.

Follow Up on Licensing and Registration

After completing the gun transfer process, it's important to ensure that the necessary licensing and registration procedures are followed. This may include updating your firearm certificate or shotgun certificate, as well as notifying the relevant authorities of the change in ownership or possession.

By following these step-by-step guidelines and working with a reputable firearms dealer, you can ensure a smooth and compliant gun transfer process. Allcocks Outdoor Store offers reliable and professional firearms dealer services, guiding you through every stage of the transfer and ensuring a secure exchange of firearms.

Documents Required for Gun Transfer Additional Notes
Proof of identity Valid identification document such as a passport or driving license
Firearm certificate or shotgun certificate Original copy of the relevant certificate
Proof of address Recent utility bill or bank statement
Transfer request form Completed form with accurate and updated information

Types of Gun Transfer

Different types of firearms may require different transfer procedures. When it comes to shotgun transfer, airgun transfer, rifle/pistol transfer, and rifle and sound moderator transfer, it's important to understand the specific considerations involved. At Allcocks Outdoor Store, our experienced team is well-versed in these distinctions and can provide guidance tailored to your specific firearm type.

Pricing and Services

At Allcocks Outdoor Store, we offer professional firearm transfer services at competitive prices. Our experienced team is committed to providing expert guidance and ensuring a smooth transfer process at an affordable cost.

Shotgun Transfer

Transferring shotguns is a seamless process with Allcocks Outdoor Store. Our dedicated team will handle all the necessary paperwork and provide the necessary guidance for a hassle-free transfer. We guarantee a secure and efficient service at a competitive price.

Airgun Transfer

When it comes to transferring airguns, trust Allcocks Outdoor Store to handle the process with precision and care. Our team is well-versed in the specific requirements for airgun transfers, ensuring a smooth and lawful exchange for a reasonable fee.

Rifle/Pistol Transfer

Need to transfer a rifle or pistol? Allcocks Outdoor Store has you covered. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the transfer process, ensuring that all legal requirements are met. With our competitive pricing and expertise, your rifle or pistol transfer will be completed seamlessly.

Rifle and Sound Moderator Transfer

For those looking to transfer a rifle with a sound moderator, Allcocks Outdoor Store offers specialized services to handle this unique requirement. Our team is well-versed in the regulations surrounding these transfers, guaranteeing a compliant and efficient service at a competitive price.

Firearm Type Transfer Price
Shotgun £30
Airgun £25
Rifle/Pistol £30
Rifle with Sound Moderator £35

Rest assured that when you choose Allcocks Outdoor Store for your firearm transfer needs, you are getting professional service at a competitive price. Contact our team today to get started on your secure and compliant firearm exchange.

Serving the UK

Allcocks Outdoor Store proudly serves Worcestershire, Herefordshire, the wider West Midlands, and Birmingham with our RFD gun transfer services. Our experienced team is here to assist you with all your firearm transfer needs. Whether you are a sports shooter, collector, or simply interested in responsibly transferring your firearms, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

For inquiries or to discuss your specific requirements, you can reach our dedicated team via email at or give us a call on our UK landline at 01299 822212. We understand the importance of prompt service, and we strive to be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that your firearm transfer is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. You can trust us as a registered firearms dealer to comply with all relevant gun licensing and firearm legislation, providing a secure and compliant transfer process.

Don't hesitate to contact Allcocks Outdoor Store for all your RFD gun transfer needs in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, the wider West Midlands, and Birmingham. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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By choosing our professional services, you can trust in our expertise and commitment to providing a smooth and hassle-free transfer process. Whether you need to transfer shotguns, airguns, rifles, or pistols, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with all your firearm transfer requirements.

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Key Takeaways:

  • RFD gun transfer is a regulated process in the UK.
  • Understanding the key terms and regulations is crucial before initiating a gun transfer.
  • Allcocks Outdoor Store provides expert guidance and services for different types of gun transfers.
  • Our pricing is competitive, ensuring a smooth and affordable transfer experience.
  • We serve Worcestershire, Herefordshire, the wider West Midlands, and Birmingham for all gun transfer needs.