material guide

Natural Rubber - The Hevea, a native tree of tropical Amazonia, is the source of natural rubber. The qualities of Le Chameau boots derive largely from the properties of this natural elastic material in being supple, robust and waterproof. The ability to maintain these properties, even at low temperatures, makes rubber the finest natural product available for protection against the British climate.

Leather - No synthetic material can duplicate the properties of soft, full grain leather; insulating, breathable, durable and supremely comfortable. When used in our boots, this luxurious natural material is crafted to fully envelope the wearer's foot, ensuring exceptional all-round comfort. The tanning process leaves the leather resistant to damp and water.

Neoprene - Best known as the material used by manufacturers of wetsuits, Le Chameau has pioneered its use in country footwear. It is supremely successful due to the unique way it warms up quickly and prevents the loss of body heat. The lining works by trapping little pockets of air. Our neoprene boots are perfect for use in temperatures ranging from მ-C to -5-C.

Jersey - Our jersey-lined boots maintain Le Chameau's reputation for quality and durability at a competitive price. A cotton lined boot is comfortable and light to wear and can be used all year round. The lining flexes with the rubber and, unlike nylon, it will not separate as it is latex coated and vulcanised to the rubber.

Vibram - Vibram is the worldwide leader in sole design for walking and mountaineering footwear. The company specialises in the manufacture of soles and can be distinguished by the distinctive yellow logo. The key benefits of Vibram soles are: Extra protection around the toe that's ideal when climbing or walking uphill; Outstanding grip; Made from composite rubber material that's unbeatably resistant to wear; Lightweight and shock absorbing.

Outlast - The typical foot produces about 4 ounces of sweat each day. This amount can increase by ten-fold during periods of high activity when this sweat quickly builds up to create a hot, clammy microclimate. In warm weather that can result in hot spots and blisters. In cold weather, the moisture build-up in your socks and footwear increases your conductive heat loss, resulting in a cold foot. OUTLAST linings reduce overheating and sweat production. This reduces that hot clammy feeling. In cold weather, your feet stay warmer because your socks and insulation stay drier.

Gor-tex - Le Chameau uses Gore-Tex in it's footwear because it is one of the most durably waterproof an breathable products money can buy. It works from the inside of your footwear. The membrane is much like the skin, with its billions of tiny pores, it allows body moisture vapour to escape whilst preventing water penetration. Your feet remain dry and comfortable, even in the wettest conditions.

Gor-tex XCR - XCR stands for Extended Comfort Range. It is the latest variant of Gore-Tex that claims to be more breathable than standard Gore-Tex. Le Chameau have chosen XCR for its new range of casual footwear thereby ensuring wearer comfort.

Climaway - Climaway is a unique fabric to Le Chameau. A high quality Polyamide is coated with Climaway to produce a fabric that is waterproof, windproof and breathable across a broad range of temperatures. Climaway is a lightweight, low maintenance fabric that is a pleasure to wear.

Kotkor - This material is exclusive to Le Chameau and its name is a derivative of its components Cotton and Cordura. The cotton gives a soft feel to the touch whilst the Cordura adds phenomenal strength. Kotkor is vr difficult to tear and is not permanently damaged by penetration of thorns. The Kotkor fabric is treated with a Teflon finish that repels water. Inside the lining is a waterproof, breathable membrane that ensures you stay dry even in the most challenging conditions.

Polartec - Polartec 200 fleece is a remarkably lightweight material with exceptional heat retaining qualities. It is highly breathable to keep you comfortable during strenuous activity. For ease of care Polartec is treated to resist pilling and mildew.

Gore Windstopper - The Windstopper membrane is designed to block out wind, without reducing the breathability of the garment. It preserves natural heat insulation whilst protecting against wind-chill.