Discover the BSA R TEN TH Air Rifle - A High-Performance Shooter's Dream

17th October 2023 by

Discover the BSA R TEN Air Rifle - A High-Performance Shooter's Dream

Are you a seasoned air rifle enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore the world of precision shooting? Look no further than the BSA R TEN Air Rifle, a remarkable piece of engineering that promises unparalleled performance. And what's even better? It's currently available at a discounted price at Allcocks Outdoor Store in Worcestershire. 

BSA R TEN TH Air Rifle Walnut

When comparing the R10 SE and the R TEN, one feature stands out immediately - the exquisite new thumbhole stock. Crafted in Italy by the renowned stock makers, Minelli, this ergonomic stock is ambidextrous, catering to all types of shooters. It boasts an adjustable, soft-touch cheek piece and a multi-adjustable butt pad similar to the SE model. The stock design preserves the R10 SE's aesthetic appeal, with a rosewood pistol grip cap that beautifully complements the stock's graceful lines.

BSA R TEN TH Air Rifle Walnut

One of the remarkable improvements in this model over the R10 Mk2 is its increased shot capacity. The R10 SE offered 190 shots in .177 caliber and 250 shots in .22 caliber, thanks to a redesigned regulator. In contrast, the R TEN comes with a 280cc buddy bottle and an enhanced regulator system. This results in an impressive shot count of 280 shots in .177 caliber and a whopping 340 shots in .22 caliber, making it an ideal choice for extended shooting sessions.

However, this piece doesn't just bring new features to the table; it also retains the features that made the R10 SE so beloved. The "Customer Configurable Shroud" (CCS) system is customizable, allowing you to choose between a standard barrel or a barrel shroud that works seamlessly with the BSA VC silencer for exceptional sound reduction. Additionally, the two-stage adjustable trigger is crisp and clean, offering excellent shot control and catering to a wide range of shooting situations and disciplines.

BSA R TEN TH Air Rifle Walnut

At the heart of this modern classic is the BSA cold-hammer forged barrel, known for its reliability and precision. This exceptional barrel ensures that this piece continues to deliver the accuracy and consistency that shooters have come to expect from BSA rifles.

In summary, this is a remarkable piece of equipment that offers both innovative improvements and cherished features. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a novice, this rifle will impress with its design, performance, and shot capacity. Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional air rifle at a discounted price, available exclusively at Allcocks Outdoor Store in Worcestershire. Elevate your shooting experience - precision and power in your hands.

The BSA R Ten Air Rifle

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