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"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a proverb that has been uttered by many for hundreds of years. Some believe Plato was the instigator but its origins travel so far back in time it is difficult to attribute any one individual to these words of wisdom. In Aesop's Fables; 'The Crow and the Pitcher' we are presented with a wonderfully simple and thought-provoking tale to demonstrate the result of intelligence overcoming adversity and the inherent reward. With each achievement humanity makes, we have applauded ourselves and as we continue to evolve, and our intellect and understanding of our world has grown, individuals have looked to improve all that is around them at an ever-quickening pace.
Eventually, and I guess inevitably, invention wasn't any longer, simply "born out of necessity" but became a hobby or for some even a profession. Many things were forced into existence simply because the creator felt it was nice rather than needed! Over time these budding entrepreneurs jostled to be; the first, the most creative or simply looking to cash in on an existing idea or product, the world has become saturated with a whole host of 'stuff' that we cannot live without. 
The world of shooting is no different from anything else and of course with all shooting arenas accuracy is paramount. To achieve the pinnacle of accuracy there are many obstacles to tackle (the list is monumental) and of course with every obstacle there are challenges to our ability and creative skills. 
Rather than tackle everything on that list, Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd have been very smart indeed. They have taken their keenest minds, their extensive shooting experience across many continents in all environmental conditions to produce products centered on just one of the major aspects regarding accuracy: stability. 
Bipods, tripods & quad-sticks, as well as everything else in between, have been the norm for as long as rifles themselves so what have Spartan actually achieved and have they reinvented the wheel? Well one way to achieve an answer may be to expose the faults in everything else and then compare each to an element of Spartan where it proves to be better. I do not really wish to do that as I do have a lot of respect for tried-and-tested bits of kit so I will simply focus on Spartan and where they shine, enabling you to be the judge of their prowess. 
Spartan products excel in the following ways: 
  • Stability. Each bipod and support system in the Spartan range offers superb stability and each will offer varying degrees of adjustability to suit all shooting arenas, environments and of course rifles.  
  • Lightness. Each bipod is constructed from CNC machined 7075 aluminium and as well as copious amounts of top-quality carbon fibre so the end result is impressively light as well as incredibly strong. As the bipod doesn't 'live' on the rifle but attaches via a strong neodymium magnet or quick-detach catch so your rifle will not feel encumbered. The Javelin range of bipods can easily be stowed in a pocket, pouch or even a holster. 
  • Modularity. The multitude of adaptors and additional, complementary products in the comprehensive Spartan inventory means stability can be achieved, with any rifle, without compromising its integrity or looks. 
  • Construction. Each component is constructed from quality materials to a very standard built with ease of use and longevity in mind.
  • Price. I would understand your initial surprise at this suggestion but remember this is one biopod and it will administer its brilliance over multiple rifles so the cost can quickly level out and can actually become a cheaper option over an increased number of rifles. 
So, whether you're hunting for deer or hunting 'The Mile', Spartan have the gear to get you there. Look at their full range of products at: and you will absolutely find what you need and be glad you invested! 
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