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Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50S Digital NV Scope


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Day & night use

The Photon XT night vision riflescopes can be activated and used in the daylight without the fear of being damaged immediately or in the long run.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Day & night use

Selectable reticles

A reticle is electronically displayed on the screen and is permanently located in the plane of target image. The Photon XT’s internal memory contains 6 reticles of various shapes and applications in 3 colors.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Selectable reticles

Eyesafe eye relief

The Photon XT riflescopes feature a 60 mm eye relief – one of the best parameters in its class. The greater is the eye relief the less traumatic is the use of the scope, especially on hunting weapons with considerable recoil.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Eyesafe eye relief

High shock resistance

The Photon XT riflescopes feature high shock resistance and can be used with rifled hunting weapon for such cartridges as 9.3х64, .30-06, .300, .375. etc, and with smooth-bore and airsoft weapon.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. High shock resistance

Easy mounting on a rifle

The middle part of the Photon XT body is a 30 mm tube, standard for daylight optical sights, which enables the Photon to be mounted on various types of hunting weapons using proven solutions.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Easy mounting on a rifle

Effective use with “invisible” IR illuminators

As opposed to tube-based devices, digital NV equipment feature advanced efficiency when used with IR Illuminators working in long wave range (more than 900 nm) and invisible by the naked eye.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Effective use with “invisible” IR illuminators

Easy to operate

Photon XT riflescope is easy to operate – majority of operations (device activation, menu settings and navigation) are performed with one encoder-wheel.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Easy to operate

Compact and lightweight

Being an electronic and optic night vision riflescope Photon XT has the weight and size of an ordinary day riflescope.

Photon XT Digital Riflescope. Compact and lightweight


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