Seat & Shooting Sticks

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7 Item(s)

Seat sticks are the perfect companion for hikers, campers and anyone looking for some fresh air as they go for a walk. Acting as a regular hiking stick, these are used for balance and to take the strain off of the feet, making it easier to climb increasingly steeper gradients, alternatively these can be folded out to produce a single legged seat which can be secured in the ground.

Carrying a seat with you wherever you go is not only impractical, but also unrealistic – seat sticks give you the best of both worlds, with a comfortable resting spot that doesn’t get in the way and can actually enhance your travelling!

Allcocks Outdoor Store now offers a range of seat sticks from brands such as Flipstick and Gamebird, with many models to choose from. If you are looking for a cheap and great value seat stick with a low price, the fully collapsible seat stick from Flipstick is the perfect option for you – at only £31.99 this option provides you with great value and a quick place to rest when away from home. Looking for a higher priced and better quality option?

We have a range of options from the leading brand of Gamebird, such as the Gamebird H6LC which incorporates a leather seat and handles for optimal comfort over other options on the market. Browse the range of seat sticks below here at Allcocks Outdoor Store and find great prices off of regular retail prices!