Walking Aids

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Walking aids can help those with compromised joints, aches and pains, enabling greater freedom of movement, even allowing you to hike in safety. The Trekmates wanderer pole does all these things, an excellent example of this type of product as offered by Allcocks Outdoor Store.

The Trekmates Wanderer Pole is a fantastic 3 section pole, made from aluminium with a cushioned cork handle that Is stable and comfortable to grip. This will reduce the stress and pressure applied to your legs, hips, knees and lower back while on steeper inclines, allowing you to put more power in to the walk without having to suffer.

This walking aid encompasses an adjustable setting to suit the walker and the terrain, a three section pole and a traditional cork T handle for support and comfort. These walking devices are ideal for reducing pressure on legs, knees, hips and lower spine, increasing power when climbing hills and reducing pressure when descending, allowing you to reach those peaks you used to!

Gamebird seat sticks are a similar idea, helping the physically compromised with hiking and walking pastimes, offering a carry walking stick combined with a seat rest for breaks. Here at Allcocks Outdoor Store we have a wide range of high quality products in a variety of categories, from many of the most well respected brands in the industry. At Allcocks we have a wide variety of high quality walking aids, including hiking sticks, walking sticks and seat sticks.

We have the Gamebird H6LC seat stick, which is an excellent quality product with a comfortable and wide leather seat, allowing you to take the weight off your feet for a few minutes and rest in a comfortable position that isn't on the dirty/wet ground.

Here at Allcocks we also have more Gambird seat sticks, such as the Gamebird H1, H3, H4, H5 and others – all of which are fabulous quality and very comfortable to use. We now also have the Flipstick – this is a walking stick that can also be converted in to a seat stick with little effort, simply press a button and you have a walking stick, press it again to convert the walking stick back into a comfortable seat stick. At Allcocks Outdoor Store we have an excellent range of walking aids, including hiking sticks, seat sticks and more.

Our seat sticks are all very comfortable and come in a variety of styles with fabulous prices that can fit in with almost any budget. Visit Allcocks Outdoor Store today and order yours online!