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Vermin Control We have all the essential vermin control measures you need. Just check out the sections below to find the appropriate control measure for you.

Moles If you're after a mole trap check out our double ended trap. This tried and tested device has a proven track record of controlling moles as it is double ended, it will catch approaching moles coming from either direction and can even allow you to catch two at a time. This handy trap is easy to set up.

Rabbit Snares & Fox Wires For the most basic of traps, but essential to all good huntsmen, get yourself a rabbit snare. The snares are ready to use on fence wires. We also have a fox wire for sale. We offer the most common type of snare for foxes and with this steel snare it is important to check it several times a day.

Please note this item isn't for the beginner, so without sufficient knowledge or guidance it isn't advised you buy it!

Vermin Traps We currently have a choice of two vermin traps, both of a traditional and very effective design. Both made with galvanised steel, we advise you to place them carefully. It's ideal for catching larger vermin (such as rats).

Larsen Trap We sell a highly effective Larsen cage trap. These traps are designed to catch members of the corvid/crow family including crows, magpies, jackdaws, rooks and jays. The trap originates from the 1950's and his been held in high regard ever since. This poison free metal framed cage requires the use of a live bird and can capture up to 4 birds at any given time! These traps are very popular amongst both conservationists and gamekeepers as they can keep destructive magpies and crows out of the way. The pack comes with full, comprehensive instructions.