Outdoor Lighting

It is important to own a quality torch for any night time activity. Torches are also invaluable tools for many odd jobs and in order to see into dark corners of sheds and garages. Allcocks Outdoor stock a large variety of different torches suitable for different uses. For example, Fenix LED torches are the ideal, inexpensive solution to fishing torches in miniature. The black colour of the torches is a great neutral colour and the brightness of the torch means that they can reach a long range.

The Leatherman torch is a great option for a tough, yet compact little torch. This mid range torch is made from anodized aluminium and professional head torches such as the Princeton head torch are suitable for all kinds of sporting event in the dark. The Fenix fishing torches sale offers discounts across the Fenix LED torches range with fantastic offers available across the range.

Shop Allcocks Outdoor today to make the most of this brilliant range. Here at Allcocks Outdoor Store we have a wide range of some of the best head torches that you will find on the market. If you are looking for a head torch then we have great prices on ranges from brands such as Fenix, Ledco, Princeton Tec, Tracer and many more. If you are looking for the best head torch available, look no further than the LEDLenser H14 rechargable head torch.

This is an excellent head torch which is very environmentally friendly due to the efficiency of the bulb. For times when you are not able to charge the batteries on this head torch, you are able to use regular batteries – an impressive feature that not many competing rechargeable products have. The LEDLenser H14 has an excellent level of luminance and is especially suitable for professional usage.

We also have the Fenix HP11 277 Lumen head torch which has the ability control the output between 4 and 277 Lumens. This allows you to be able to see in any situation, from reading a book or map to long distance viewing. You are able to use this head torch in any weather situation as it has been given an IPX-6 weatherproof rating. For close range work you are able to use a diffuser on this head torch, creating a flood of light which makes close up work much easier to see.

For those looking for a cheaper solution when purchasing a new head torch, we also have a simply 12 LED head torch which gives excellent performance with an adjustable wide beam. At Allcocks we supply a wide range of options for anyone looking to purchase a head torch. All of our products are 100% authentic and high quality, with great prices that should suit any budget.