As an enthusiast of outdoor activities, you not only need the right gear but also the right luggage to store your most prized possessions. That's why, at Allcocks outdoor store you will find a large variety of luggage products available to purchase; including a selection of shotgun slips, air rifle slips, belt pouches and leather cartridge bags.

Committed to offering high quality, the luggage range here at Allcocks also consists of great brands such as Le Chameau, Musto, Dubarry of Ireland, Healthy Back Bag, Guardian and many more; so rest assured you are purchasing reliable products that will not only be durable but practical for you and your chosen activity. Take a look at our Guardian leather cartridge bag for example; hand finished to a classic design and made of premium cherry leather, this bag holds up to 100 cartridges. An ideal choice for the professional huntsman or huntswoman! What’s more, many of our luggage products are designed to mimic the contours of your back, aiming for a healthy posture and a comfortable fit whilst carrying the bag.

For fishing in particular, we stock a range of fishing bags with waterproof designs and roomy exteriors including the fantastic Brady Dart design with a rubberised liner in the main compartment, easily detachable for cleaning.

As a must have, we also stock the innovative wellington boot bag from Le Chameau, to stop your car getting damp and muddy! These bags are a great price to protect your car’s upholstery! So go ahead and browse our luggage range, as whether you’re looking for the perfect leather cartridge bag, air rifle slip, shotgun slip or belt pouch you’ll find it here at Allcocks Outdoor Store!