Knives & Multi Tools

Whatever your tool requirement, Allcocks Outdoor can help you out with multi tool knives, pen knives and fixed blade knives being a part of our large and growing knife catalogue. Knives are the ultimate tool for many important jobs around the house and come in a large variety of designs suitable for different purposes. Multi tool knives are one of the most popular designs for a basic knife. Knife sheaths and sundries protect knives when not in use and provide a secure storage essential for your knife.

The original Swiss army knife is the classic option for those looking for basic multi tool knives and pen knives. These items are guaranteed to be of premium quality and come complete with all the tools you might require for essential tasks. These are portable and would fit quite comfortably into a small bag to take away on camping trips, offering the ultimate multi tool implement for a variety of occasions.

These knives are suitable for young and old alike, with these knives and multi tools coming into their own when there is a DIY task to complete.

Knife sharpening kits are equally essential and come at reasonable prices from Allcocks Outdoor store. We sell a large choice of knives and multi tools for outdoor activities and camping - Choose from a high quality range of multi tool knives, pen knives, fixed blade knives and more at Allcocks online. Once you have selected your knife, choose from a selection of accessories to go with it including knife sheaths, knife sharpening systems and more by top knife brands including Leatherman, Victorinox who are the stockists of the original Swiss army knives, Joker, Wenger and Whitby. We also stock axes and mallets.

The knives stocked come in a variety of styles and colours, including the Whitby Wild Cat locking knife complete with rubber scales on the handle and a nylon belt sheath, the Nieto knife which features a pocket knife and bottle opener in one and The multi tool knives are ideal for camping excursions where there's not much space to carry everything. Select your knives and accessories from Allcocks Outdoor Store today.