Pet Food

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Allcocks Outdoor Store has a range of pet foods from popular brands, listed at great prices to give you some great deals.

We have pet food from various brands such as Wagg, Alpha, Supadog and Skinners, starting from 15kg bags and upwards. Alpha Racer dog food is specially formulated to provide your dog with a high energy supply for their diet, boosting their performance when racing. Combining a superior mix of proteins from meat, fish and milk promotes optimal health, muscle and stamina for your dog, while the added vitamin and mineral content boosts vitality.

Alpha Racer food is a complete food that is the best option for any pet owner seriously enthusiastic about dog racing and providing their pet with the best chance of winning. Alpha also produce other dog foods, such as Sporting dog food and Worker Maintenance dog food that provide high quality meats to give your dog the very best.

Here at Allcocks we have excellent prices on a wide range of quality pet foods from some of the top brand names. Take a look at our selection of foods and give your dog nothing but the best.