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A slingshot is a device used to project ammunition such as rocks, pebbles or ball bearings. The typical slingshot uses elastic attached to a frame, with a pocket which is used to house the projectile, at the end of the elastic

Over the years slingshots have been popularly used with youngsters, portraying a kind of rebellious and juvenile image of the slingshot – though reports show that over 80% of sales of slingshots are to professionals over 30.

Slingshots can be used to hunt game such as rabbits, birds and similar sized animals, but like archery, they are also used for a variety of competitions around the world. Barnett is a company that specialise in crossbows and similar projectile weapons such as slingshots. They are known for producing some of the best quality products in this industry and their products are distributed around the globe.

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Barnett slingshots are some of the best slingshots for sale. Slingshots are used for a variety of things including hunting small animals as well as for competitions. The Barnett Cobra slingshot boasts incredible attention to technical detail and the same is to be said of the Barnett Diablo slingshot, making these the finest choices for your brand new slingshot.

These slingshots offer state of the art design with soft touch contoured grip for comfortable use, stabilizer and detachable wrist brace for stability of shots. Buy everything you require for your hobby with Barnett slingshot ammo also available from Allcocks Outdoor. Catapults can be used for a range of activities and Barnett are one of the best brands. Allcocks stock the finest outdoor brands for all your outdoor recreation and activities. Barnett slingshot ammo is of the finest quality and of course is the ideal accompaniment to your Barnett slingshot.