Camping Stoves & Lanterns

Allcocks Outdoor Store sells a wide range of camping stoves and lanterns from many leading brand names such as Campingaz, Primus, Coleman and more. Allcocks is here to make sure you enjoy your camping trip, so we have selected only the best products on the market to supply to you at the very best prices possible.

Browse our range below to find camping stoves from brands such as Coleman and Primus, two of the leading brands when it comes to outdoor cookware! Coleman camping stoves include the F1 Power stove, which is lightweight and compact while packing power, heating up your litre of water to boiling point in just two and a half minutes!

If you’re looking for something a little more family friendly where you can heat multiple pans at a time, we also have the Coleman twin burner dual fuel stove, which includes wind blocking guards to protect the flame against windy weather. We also have a range of Primus camping stoves, from the lightweight express edition to the heavy duty Omnifuel Ti which can support four types of fuel, while boiling your litre of water in less than three minutes!

Getting a decent cooked meal when camping in the wilderness is no longer impossible with the range of tools we have available! Everyone knows the troubles of trying to light a match or stove out in the wilderness on a windy day, well now you can try the Armo stove wind shield from Trakker to protect your precious flames from the wind!

We also have a range of camping lanterns available so that you don’t have to fumble around with batteries every time your torch runs out of juice. We have camping lanterns such as the Coleman twin mantle duel fuel powerhouse lantern, which can burn for up to 14 hours on just two pints of fuel! Browse our fantastic range of camping stoves, camping lanterns and products from Trakker, Coleman, Primus and more!