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Allcocks Outdoor stock a range of specialist sunglasses suitable for fishing and shooting purposes. This range of high tech outdoor shooting glasses includes Oakley sunglasses and Wiley sunglasses. Wiley sunglasses are suitable to be worn with helmets for extra protection and are manufactured from extra reinforced glass so can withstand shots from long distances.

Oakley sunglasses are a top brand of designer sunglasses on the outdoor sunglasses market. The fantastic range of Oakley sunglasses offered by Allcocks Outdoor promises to match your pair of sunglasses to your individual specifications. Whether you are looking for fishing sunglasses, designer sunglasses for outdoor activity or shooting glasses, Allcocks Outdoor have the ideal pair for you from our extensive catalogue of sunglasses.

Allcocks Outdoor Store sell a range of designer sunglasses suitable for specialist sporting activity. Allcocks Outdoor Store have a pair of sunglasses suitable for your every need!

Wiley sunglasses are compatible to be worn with helmets and come in different colours and interchangeable lenses. Wiley glasses are the top brand of shooting glasses and conform to all safety regulations regarding eye wellbeing, able to withstand impacts of twelve bore shots from a range of ten metres without penetration. These glasses are not only functional but stylish, embracing designs suitable for gun sports whilst maintaining a fashionable look.

Allcocks also stock a selection of Sunwise sunglasses, suitable for outdoor activities, shatterproof and with wraparound panoramic lenses for maximum eye protection and glare reduction for bright sunlight. Visit Allcocks Outdoor Store for all your designer shooting sunglasses, fishing sunglasses and outdoor sunglasses today!