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Here at Allcocks Outdoor Store we have a variety of rifle scopes available, all from leading brands including Hawke, Nikko Stirling, Leupold, BSA and of course, Carl Zeiss whom are indeed renowned for their reputable Zeiss rifle scopes.

For newcomers to the industry we highly recommend starting with a value rifle scope and working your way up to better quality and higher priced options as your experience improves. Below are a few great examples!

For great value and performance optics, we suggest you try the Sport HD range from Hawke. The Sport HD 4x32 gives excellent clarity that is amazing value at a low price. A 32mm lens with x4 magnification gives you long distance sight with bright and vivid images, significantly improving accuracy at range whilst providing you with the most rewarding viewing experience for the money.

For a low-medium range model packed full of features whilst also providing a huge saving, try the Laser King range of rifle scopes from Nikko Stirling these provide a large lens of 42mm or 55mm to allow a large amount of light to be captured, with a 4-14x magnification for extreme long distance viewing. The Laser King range also does something that other scopes do not. A laser sight within the actual scope gives absolute perfect accuracy unlike other scopes which give a parallax effect, making the target seem as though it is in a slightly different location (depending on whether you’re looking down the scope, or down the line of the laser) the Laser King scopes are thus some of the most accurate on the market! Are you looking for a high spec model with all the features you could need? Is money not a problem? Then the Carl Zeiss Victory Diavari  6-24x56 T* FL rifle scope may be perfect for you. The 56mm lens diameter ensures high aiming accuracy and a secure response at long range even in difficult light conditions - providing a one of a kind viewing experience.