Red Dot Sights

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6 Item(s)

Are you looking to improve you aiming accuracy? Then Allcocks Outdoor Store has exactly what you need! We have the Deben Hawke RD30 red dot sight offered at an amazing price to aid you precision shooting skills, allowing you to hit the target with much improved accuracy and efficiency. Unlike a regular laser scope, red dot sights do not shine a beam of light onto the target, instead these reflect an image of the target into the scope and the reflection of an LED is then imposed on that image.

This gives the impression of a laser sight, with the same accuracy improvement, but without potentially alerting your prey to the fact that you are there!

While the sight does not give you 100% accuracy 100% of the time, it can get pretty close! As you will know accuracy is the biggest deciding factor as to whether you make the shot or not, and having poor accuracy can completely ruin a good score – even a small increase in accuracy can have a profound effect. This is why red dot sights and similar scopes are so popular.

The Deben Hawke RD30 features 11 different brightness settings and provides a superb wide field view to improve clarity, with a waterproof, fogproof and shockproof body to allow for any changes in the environment, improving aiming accuracy.

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