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Hawke Scopes at Allcocks

We are all very passionate about Hawke scopes here at Allcocks due to the fantastic quality and value for money that they offer. Because of this, we keep a very wide range in stock to ensure we are able to provide a Hawke scope for any shooting situation. This includes everything from the entry-level Hawke Vantage which is perfect for beginners all the way up to Hawke’s premium Frontier range, designed for higher calibres at long range.

If you do not see the model of Hawke scope that you are after, please get in contact and we will be happy to order it in for you.

History of Hawke scopes

Hawke scopes have been being produced for over 15 years. This family-run business was initially established in the UK with a head office in Suffolk. Now, Hawke scopes are world renowned with a presence in over 60 countries.

The range of products has rapidly expanded since Hawke’s humble beginnings, they now have 5 different models of scopes that include the Frontier, Endurance, Vantage, Sidewinder, and Airmax. Each model has unique features with a variety of magnifications and reticles available.

The range of Hawke scopes

Hawke Frontier

The Frontier range is the flagship of Hawke scopes. They provide shooters with the ultimate flexibility in the field, a selection of them feature First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP) optical systems. The FFP will ensure that the holdover points remain the same, no matter the magnification. In addition, they have a wide magnification range which gives you flexibility when transitioning between long and short range shooting. The Hawke Frontier is set apart from is rivals by its index matched lenses. This combines exceptional clarity throughout the field of view and crisp image transmission to give you the best viewing experience possible.

These Hawke scopes still offer fantastic value for money with its 30mm mono-tube chassis, machined from high-grade aluminum and two styles of turrets. The zero-stop turrets are lockable, resettable and have a state of the art return to zero feature. The capped turrets provide accurate and precise adjustments whilst retaining a compact design.

It’s not the final Frontier, but it’s the last one you’ll need.

Hawke Endurance

The Endurance range of Hawke scopes provide immersive, wide-angle optics. They have been designed with hunting in mind, with anything from varmint to big game hunting. The brand new wide-angle optical system boasts a stunning field of view. It will give you the best sight possible while still maintaining an all-important 4” eye relief.

The Endurance family of Hawke scopes showcase unique ballistic reticle designs. The LRC reticle has been designed to match centrefire ballistics, just choose the magnification to suit your chosen calibre/cartridge. These reticles are able to deliver out-of-the-box accuracy with aim points up to 700 yards.

Hawke Vantage

Hawke Vantage scopes have put a new perspective on performance and value. When you don’t need all the bells and whistles, just a solid product to take care of the job in hand, look no further than the Hawke Vantage. It brings functionality and performance without cutting corners on the things that really matter.

Selected models of these Hawke scopes feature a parallax adjustment (AO). This enables you to correct any parallax error by rotating the front lens. Alternatively, the SF models have the adjustment positioned conveniently on the saddle. Both the illuminated and non-illuminated have a mono-tube chassis which will give you stability in any calibre.

The Hawke Vantage is truly redefining value in optics. Versatile, affordable, exceptional.

Hawke Sidewinder

The Hawke Sidewinder scopes have been designed to meet the very specific requirements of long-range shooting. This series of Hawke scopes deliver performance and features that come at an almost unbelievable value.

Having a 30mm mono-tube chassis gives the optics a strong and stable platform, even when mounted upon brutal long-range calibre rifles such as the .338 Lapua. The exposed turrets on the Hawke Sidewinder allow for precise, quick adjustments to ensure the scope has you long-range shooting applications covered.

This series of Hawke scopes has a selection of ‘ED’ models that have been designed with interchangeable turrets and extra-low dispersion glass. The turrets include ¼ MOA, ⅛ MOA, and 1/10 MRAD, all preferences are now covered by this innovative design from Hawke. Not only this, but the TMX reticle has also been designed for ultra-long-range shooting.

Hawke Airmax

Hawke Airmax scopes are serious airgun optics, for serious airgun shooters. Optics can be ruined by airguns if the right products aren’t used. Hawke scopes are industry leading in specialised optics for serious airgun shooters and hunters.

These particular Hawke scopes are available in both 30mm or 1” tubes designs. They feature the AMX reticle that has mil dot spacing which makes the holdover and windage aim perfect for pellet trajectories. All 30mm models have a Side Focus parallax adjustment that can be focused down to 10 yards. The 1” family has three magnification ranges and a built-in Adjustable Objective. A more traditional design and ideal for those that would like to keep the weight of their rifle down.

Hawke Red Dot & Reflex Sights

Hawke Red Dots are becoming more and more popular for both target and hunting situations. Both tube and reflex styles are available and are suitable for rifles, AR, shotgun, target pistol or airgun. There is a Hawke red dot for virtually every situation.