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6 Item(s)

Hawke Binoculars at Allcocks

If you’re looking for Hawke binoculars in the UK, Allcock’s is the place to come. Hawke Binoculars offer outstanding quality at unbeatable prices, that’s why they are a firm favourite at Allcocks and are very high up on our recommendations list. We stock a selection of each model so that we can supply crisp, clear optics at your fingertips. This includes everything from the entry level Hawke Vantage binoculars that provide value and performance up to the Hawke Frontier binoculars that offer unparalleled viewing performance.

If you cannot find the model of Hawke binoculars you were looking for, please get in contact and we will happily order it in for you.

History of Hawke Binoculars

The production of Hawke binoculars began more than 15 years ago. From humble beginnings, this family-run business has gone from strength to strength until they have become the company they are today. Hawke binoculars are now world renowned with a presence in more than 60 countries and they now have 4 models of binoculars with various magnifications including Frontier, Endurance, Nature-Trek and Vantage.

The range of Hawke Binoculars

Hawke Frontier Binoculars

The Frontier series use a superior optical system and high-grade materials that produce stunning colour retention, crisp definition and excellent light transmission. Their performance is sure to blow you away. Every pair of Frontier binoculars are passed through strict quality control for inspection to make certain that every aspect matches the design intent. Not only are they tested optically, they are further tested in extreme temperature conditions from -15 to +55 degrees centigrade.

These Hawke binoculars come in two models, the ED and the HD X. The ED model benefits from extra-low dispersion glass and first class coatings throughout. The HD model offers stunning high definition viewing and high levels of light transmission. This is achieved with the same lens coating throughout the binoculars and dielectric coated prisms.

Hawke Endurance Binoculars

These stunning Hawke binoculars provide crisp, clear and bright images with enhanced light transmission. This puts the Endurance binoculars head and shoulders above anything else in the same price range. The ED glass and fully multi-coated lenses give reduced colour fringing and ensures no details are lost at both long and short distances right down to 2m.

The effortless focusing and impressive depth of field makes these Hawke binoculars very quick and easy to use. In addition, because they are water and fog proof, they are ready to battle the elements with you.

Hawke Nature-Trek Binoculars

The Hawke Nature-Trek Binoculars have been sculpted to get you closer to the environment wherever and however you travel. The robust, lightweight Hawke binoculars have a shock resistant polycarbonate waterproof body.

Ergonomically designed, the smooth and precise focus wheel is within easy reach and fits neatly against fingers to allow you to focus the image as close as 2 meters. In addition, the high-grip rubber armour will give you a secure grip in any weather conditions.

This complete range of Hawke binoculars offers sizes from a very compact 25mm model all the way up to an oversized 50mm model which are perfect for dawn and dusk when you are faced with low light conditions.

Hawke Vantage Binoculars

More than any of the other models, these Hawke binoculars are specifically made to maximize value and performance, without breaking the bank. They still have a fully coated optical system and a waterproof chassis making them the perfect choice for casual nature observers.

Overall, the Hawke Vantage binoculars are a style package at a very attractive price point and still come with everything that is required for an incredible viewing experience.

If you’re after a new pair of binoculars, Hawke have you well and truly covered.