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Night Master 800 Turbo Kit - White


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The Night Master 800-IR (NM800-IR) is a powerful long-range infrared illuminator, which is capable of providing IR illumination to over 800m. Whether you use a dedicated night vision (NV) scope, a digital NV scope add-on or night vision binoculars, the NM800-IR will give you all the distance you need for spotting, accurately identifying and safely shooting your quarry.

Due to the adjustability of the power-output and beam, the NM800-IR can be used with airgun, rimfire and centerfire rifles. You can simply adjust it to suit your hunting needs and situation.

The first thing you will notice when using this IR illuminator is the clarity - there are no rings or artifacts in the beam, which you can get with IR lasers. Next you will notice the long-range illumination, which is useful for covertly spotting and shooting your quarry. This is thanks to the newly developed DR-IR LED module (850nm), which has a wide voltage range - allowing the use of one or two 18650 rechargeable batteries. The two-battery configuration requires an additional extension tube and will give you a boost in output and a longer runtime.

Just like the NM800 model, the IR version is able to accept different coloured LED modules, making it both adaptable and upgradeable.

The Night Master 800 (NM800) hunting lamp and gun light is a must-have for all night hunters, providing adjustable lighting and a focusable beam, which is able to illuminate animals eyes up to 800m and identify them at up to 500m. The LEDs are changeable and coloured LEDs can be used to spot and identify quarry at great distances.

Just 15cm in length and weighing only 295g (with battery), the Night Master 800 can be mounted on most scopes (such as 1-inch and 30mm) - you will hardly notice it, which makes it great for foxing solo.

But despite its small size and low weight, the NM800 can outperform most of the big hunting lamps, and its incredible beam can certainly out-throw any gun light of its size. In fact, customers who own the Night Master torch have said it is better than using a laser designator, which can cost upwards of £300.

They recommend this light to anyone for lamping/ shooting rabbits, hares and foxes, and also spotting deer. The adjustable light output (you can set it to either output 1 mode or 3 modes by twisting the body) and focusable beam make it a great light for all distances.

Main Features

  • Convex Lens: Specifically designed to boost the light power and throw a beam very far.
  • Focus: The convex lens can be focused to provide the best lighting for your way of hunting
  • Changeable LEDs: If you prefer to hunt with coloured light, you can easily fit a green or red LED into your Night Master for long distance coloured illumination. Their coloured LEDs do not reduce the light output like filters do
  • Two stage lighting: You can have it outputting just 1 mode or 3 modes (High-Med-Low), just by twisting the body
  • Closer illumination: for lamping rabbits and rats, you can reduce the light output by switching to a lower mode
  • Memory: If using the 3-mode function (High-Med-Low), the light will remember the last mode used
  • Small size, low weight, high power: This makes it ideal for solo hunting.

The Night Master 800 Turbo Kit includes the following items:

  • Night Master 800 Torch, 3-mode with glow-in-the-dark switch
  • 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Extension tube
  • Dual bay 18650 battery charger
  • High scope mount
  • User Manual & Spare O-rings

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