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Night Master 400 IR Torch Kit


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The Night Master 400-IR (NM400-IR) is a small yet powerful infrared (IR) illuminator that provides clean, long range IR illumination for all types of night vision (NV) equipment. Whether you have a digital NV device or one with an image intensifier tube, the 400-IR will give you the distance and clarity you need for spotting, accurately identifying and safely shooting your quarry.

The NM400-IR works very well in conjunction with a night vision spotter or scope mounted NV device. It will give eye-shine back at up to 400m and allow you to identify and shoot to 200m - 300m (depending on your NV device).

Compared to many IR lasers, the beam of the NM400-IR offers much more clarity, giving you a cleaner image of what you are looking at.

Main Features

  • Convex Lens: Specifically designed to boost the light power and throw a beam very far.
  • Focus: The convex lens can be focused to provide the best lighting for your way of hunting
  • Changeable LEDs: You have the choice of using coloured LEDs with the 400-IR model. Night Master coloured LEDs do not reduce the light output like filters do.
  • Two stage lighting: You can have it outputting just 1 mode or 3 modes (High-Med-Low), just by twisting the body
  • Closer illumination:For lamping rabbits and rats, you can reduce the infrared output by switching to a lower mode
  • Memory: If using the 3-mode function (High-Med-Low), the light will remember the last mode used
  • Small size, low weight, high power: This makes it ideal for solo hunting.

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