At Allcocks Outdoor Store we carry a variety of firearm silencers and gun moderators for the modern sportsman. Almost any gun can be outfitted with a moderator and gain a benefit. We even offer shotgun silencers for sale, which can be fitted onto multiple gauges for reduced noise and flash. This is particularly important when hunting for fowl, as the hunter may make many shots in an hour. The reduced noise will alert fewer birds and improve collection rates.

Wildcat moderators are available for shotguns and rifles of all sizes. With a modular design, these premium shotgun silencers are easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring plenty of years of use. Firearm silencers and gun moderators are subject to abrasion as well as high heat and pressure. Stuck gunpowder inside the mechanism can also produce increased friction and reduce the overall effectiveness of the device. By taking them apart regularly, the lifespan of your hardware is greatly increased.