Mens Thermal Wear

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6 Item(s)

At Allcocks Outdoor Store we understand that you’re looking for high quality products at affordable prices, so we have hand-selected the very best mens thermal base layer trousers, t-shirts and more.

To save you time we have selected high quality products from only the top rated brands in the industry such as Musto, Trekmates, Laksen, Silkbody and others. Mens thermal underwear from brands such as Trekmates is made from 100% ultra fine merino wool, giving a soft and luxurious feel, while remaining light and breathable.

Trekmates Merino wool is taken from Merino sheep from Australia, which produce the finest wool ever known, with silk-like comfort and softness, with superior body temperature regulating properties, due to pockets of air which help to trap body heat similar to how sleeping bags work.

We have a set of thermal base layer trousers & t-shirts from Trekmates which has been designed for full-body thermal insulation, utilising super soft and high quality 100% polyester yarn with ribbed panels, enhancing breathability, heat regulation, moisture wicking and comfort – giving you a warm, dry layer of protection from the elements.

Browse our range below for some of the most effective mens thermal underwear from a selection of only the highest brands such as Trekmates, Musto and others.