Flat Caps

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24 Item(s)

Whether one is a sporting gentleman or just prefers comfort and warmth in inclement weather, tweed flat caps for men offer the ideal balance between fashion and practicality in any season. Veteran flat cap wearers have long extolled the usefulness of the traditional flat cap, which has its roots in the 14th century. As a new generation discovers the flat cap’s ease of wear, popularity of this unique headgear has risen dramatically in the past few seasons.

Flat caps, traditionally made of tweed, offer a low-profile silhouette that lends itself to wear for a variety of sports. Shooters will be pleased by the ability to wear hearing protection directly over the cap for increased warmth and convenience. Golfers also enjoy the sleek lines of the cap as the brim offers shielding from glare without interference with swing.

Our flat caps come in a variety of styles and materials to best suit the needs of the wearer. For a classic look, we offer a number of traditional tweed flat caps for men by Olney, Alastair Currey, Musto, and Laksen in all sizes and various patterns. A number of these mens flat caps have been Teflon treated for water resistance for wear in inclement weather. Other choices include the wax caps by Thinsulate and Gumleaf which provide superior water-shedding ability.

Apart from the appearance and material of the cap, the lining should also be of particular consideration for the purchaser. Our caps come in a variety of linings. Silk offers a traditional, very wearable surface that is soft to the touch. The breathability of cotton might be preferred for wear in warmer weather. Finally, for cold weather wear, we offer caps with Gore-Tex and Thinsulate linings. These linings provide maximum warmth with minimum bulk, making a flat cap an excellent choice for winter wear. The low profile and snug fit of the flat cap keeps the wind at bay and the water-resistant finishes provide protection from driving rain and snow.

No matter the season or occasion, we feel confident our selection of mens flat caps can fit the bill.