Staying Warm in the Great Outdoors This Winter

As the crisp morning frosts crackle underfoot and the nights begin to draw in, the question of how to keep warm while out and about is one that we’ll all be asking ourselves at some stage or another.

a field on a typical frosty english morning

In this blog we’ve put together clothing collections and accessories you’ll need to equip yourself with depending on the situation you find yourself in.

The Dog Walker

No matter the weather, your canine companion will need still daily exercise. Coming home wet, cold and miserable in the winter can make dog walking an absolute chore.

Ensuring you are prepared with the right clothing, makes the morning dew or the trickle of raindrops in the orange glow of the street lamps a much more enjoyable experience.

Taking a torch if you’re venturing out during early mornings or at night is a good idea, for your safety – particularly if you’re walking route isn’t always lit by street lamps.

Top: Baleno Henry Fleece Jacket

Trousers: Hoggs of Fife Kincraig Waterproof Field Trousers

Accessories: Fenix Torch, Alan Paine Water Resistant Leather Gloves, Dog Lead

The Hunter

pheasants taking flight during snow fall

Hunting can be a long-drawn-out process, requiring patience and precision. You wouldn’t head out with the wrong equipment for the job, so why settle for less when it comes to your clothing and accessories?

The weather can either be a help or a hindrance during hunting season, so deciding on your equipment and attire in advance will increase your chances of success.

Hunting is a sport that divides opinion. However, hunting for your own food is perhaps one of the most ethically sound ways of eating meat – you're completely in charge of the food chain, and you're helping the environment by sourcing local food.

Top: Laksen Yukon Jacket

Trousers: Laksen Kudu Hunting Trousers

Under Layers: Laksen Lomond Thermal Leggings, Laksen Lomond Thermal Full Sleeve Top

Accessories: Sealskinz Waterproof Gloves, Water-to-go 50cl Bottle, Gamebird Seat Stick

The Rambler

a misty park full of trees with a couple walking in the distance

Many of us love to head out into the wilderness during the still, calm of winter. There’s nothing quite like stumbling across a peaceful, picturesque winter scene to remind you why you wanted to get in touch with nature in the first place. But, just be aware: depending on your chosen location, exploring the outdoors can be quite treacherous if you aren’t prepared.

Rambling and hiking are great for the physical health of the body and the mind too – not only are you working your muscles and increasing your stamina, but you're also giving your brain a day off from the pressures of modern life and offering it something a little different to process. 

Top: Baleno Hatfield Jacket

Trousers: Laksen Fieldmaster Trousers

Under Layer: Laksen Bear Thermal Long Johns

Accessories: Charles Buyer Hiking Pole, Wychwood Solace Rucksack, Hanwag Tatra Top Wide GTX Boots

The Fisherman

frosty fishing pole close up on the river bank

Even in the frosts of winter, many keen fishermen still head down to the banks as the ice starts to thaw in the afternoon.

During winter, the metabolic rate in fish slows right down. Which means that you need to make the most of the warmer parts of the day, where the fish are actively searching for food. Try a few different options with your baits and cast in different parts of the water to try to mix things up and keep your body moving.

Even though you’re not sitting for long periods as you might in summer, you’re still out in low temperatures which means you need to wrap up warm – your hands, feet and head particularly so.

Top: Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight

Trousers: Drennan Quilted Jacket

Under Layer: Trekmates Unisex Thermal Clothing Set

Accessories: Korda Kool Waterproof Cap, Laksen Woolman Gloves, Jack Pyke Sporting Shoulder Bag


Venturing outdoors in the winter months has numerous health benefits such as fending off seasonal depression and giving our body's the key vitamins from sunlight which we need to fight off nasty bugs and colds.

But, whenever you do head outdoors, it's absolutely crucial to ensure you dress for the weather. Sure, we have some warm days in winter, but by-and-large it gets somewhat bitter, especially as we start to move into December.

At Allcocks we’re committed to providing support and advice for whatever outdoor pursuit you decide to undertake. So, if you require any information on seasonal clothing or any item that we stock here at Allcocks then why not drop us a line on 01299 518015 or better yet, visit us our store in Stourport on Severn.