Which shooter are you?

If you're a shooter, then you're part of an ancient tradition. Shooting is an age-old pastime - for necessity and pleasure. Yet, although the equipment may have changed over the years, the passion for shooting has remained. But it's not just the action of shooting; it's the way that a shooter bonds with their individual firearm that really shows what kind of shooter they are. So which shooter are you and how can knowing this help you to choose the right gun? Allcocks Outdoor Store explains all.

From beginner to seasoned professional, there's a shooter personality for everyone. So if you're wondering what gun to buy next then read on. You might be surprised at which one you actually turn out to be!

The Airgun Ace

Which shooter are you?

The airgun is one of the earliest examples of a gun. Did you know the first airgun actually dates back to 1590? Throughout the 17th to 19th centuries, the humble airgun was used to hunt big game deer and wild boar. It was even used in wartime. But times change and its reputation has shifted since those early days. Many people still associate the airgun with something they played with as a child but airguns are now very much part of the adult world of shooting.

So if you've been using airguns for some time and are looking for what gun to buy next, then the BSA R10 SE could be your perfect match. Versatile, lightweight and relatively inexpensive, if you're someone who enjoys hitting a target, then this super carbine air rifle offers fine handling and incredible accuracy. At Allcocks, we also stock the BSA R10 SE kit, which features the same gun, but with an added kit bag that includes a telescopic sight and pellets.

The Pistol Packer

How to choose the right gun

If you're just starting out, and want to try a gun that fits snugly in the palm of your hand, then look no further than the Umarex Beretta range. The best models feature a fast action magazine system and fully loaded for 8-shot capacity, these Beretta's not only has a great look and feel but it's also a great training gun. It features a CO2 loading system, which means it's super quick to load!

The Shotgun Slinger

What gun to buy next

If you're the type of person who likes big adventures and is never happier than when wading through long grass or battling against the elements, then the Beretta selection.

The Beretta Ultra Light Shotgun 12 Gauge is the companion you'll need to make it all worthwhile. Weighing in at 5.95lbs this is a shotgun that may be light but won't compromise on strength and durability.

Available with a 2 ¾" chamber and with either 26" or 28" barrels, the 686 Ultralight is a shotgun for serious hunters who like to travel light. So if you're a shotgun slinger who's wondering what gun to buy next for your adventures overseas, then why not try out the Beretta.

The Seasoned Professional

What gun to buy next
If you're a seasoned shotgun enthusiast who wants to treat yourself to the ultimate in aesthetics and technical shotgun development, then the new Browning B725 Sporter Black Edition is a must-have item.

Based on the legendary B25, this is a Browning shotgun that is not only way ahead in innovation but also manages to retain many of the existing design features of the B525 that we know and love. We can safely say that this shotgun is the most outstanding Over & Under shotgun on the market today.

No matter what stage of your shooting career you maybe at - from beginner to professional or from airgun novice to shotgun king - at Allcocks, we guarantee to match the gun to the person and their area of interest. From air rifles to pistols, through to top of the range shotguns, there really is a gun out there for everyone.