Why Choose Zebra Camping Equipment

Zebra camping equipment are the tools of choice for Ray Mears and the rest of the Woodlore team. So, it goes without saying, that if a Zebra Billy Can is good enough for the bushcraft survival expert, it’s more than good enough for your family camping trip.

Zebra stainless steel products are specifically designed for survival in the great outdoors. Each Zebra pot, pan and food carrier features an innovative design which is in-keeping with outdoor activity. The Zebra Billy Can in particular, has been hailed by Mears as being ‘the one piece of equipment’ you need for cooking in the outdoors.

So, what’s so special about this Zebra food carrier?

The Zebra Billy Can has an innovative design which is ideally suited to steaming, cooking, carrying and even serving your food. This ‘loop handle pot’ is available in three different sizes; 12cm, 14cm and 16cm. The 12cm version is the ideal size for a solo-camper.

A high-quality construction, this Zebra food carrier features three components, which are all built from 18-10 marine grade stainless steel – so if it gets knocked around with the rest of your camping gear, it will remain intact.

Weighty (not so much to feel heavy, but enough to instil quality) with a solid construction, the Zebra Billy Can allows you to boil water and heat food in an outdoor environment. It includes an internal dish which offers a whole host of uses – as a plate to eat from, or a small frying pan over a fire, or even as a steaming pot when nestled inside the can over boiling water. The loop handle allows this food carrier to be suspended from a pot hanger, too – leaving you free to relax or tend to other areas of your camp site.

Zebra Billy Can is the only outdoor pot you need

There are so many ways to use this Zebra pot, and the real beauty is just how simple the design is. The updated design is innovative in its steel-only build. There are no fussy plastic components or silicone grips, which means this Zebra stainless steel cooking pot will truly last the distance. It won’t rust or hold bacteria, and it is really easy to maintain.

Which, if you’re planning to backpack around the globe, or simply take the family away on an adventure weekend, will be a saving grace to your plans.

What else is available in the Zebra stainless steel products collection?

Zebra camping equipment extends far beyond the iconic Zebra Billy Can. At Allcocks Outdoor we have an extensive collection of the sought-after stainless steel products, including a 3-tier Zebra food carrier, lunch pot, a choice of plate sizes and a generous Zebra stainless steel mug.

Zebra stainless steel mug doubles as a pot

Each cookware piece is carefully tailored towards outdoor use. The Zebra stainless steel mug has a 400ml capacity, so you can enjoy a hearty cup of tea or coffee on a cool, crisp morning by the campfire. It has a durable construction made from tough, stainless steel – so it won’t be damaged during camping adventures.

Better yet, the Zebra stainless steel mug has a simple, single wall design, which means if you do happen to be without your Zebra Billy Can, this robust camping mug will double as an emergency cooking pot too.