How to Clean Your Shotgun

In this blog, Allcocks will teach you how to clean a shotgun using the Bisley gun cleaning kit, specifically made for shotguns.

What do you get in your Bisley shotgun cleaning presentation kit?

1 x 3 piece Fieldsman (wooden) cleaning rod
1 x Bronze Brush
1 x Wool Mop
1 x Plastic Jag
1 x Duster
1 x Bisley Gun Oil
1 x Bore Cleaner
1 x Pack of Patches
1 x Durable Presentation Case

How to clean a shotgun

How to clean a shotgun

Below, we will take you through our 15 steps of how to clean a shotgun. We have tailored these steps to include everything in your Bisley gun cleaning kit, for a more intricate and specific cleaning tutorial.

1. Firstly, to clean the inside of your barrels, spray a patch with bore cleaner and attach to the plastic jag and then add to the rod.
2. For heavy fouling we would suggest spraying a neat bore cleaning solution into the barrels and leave this to soak for at least 15 minutes.

3. Then saturate a patch with bore cleaner and distribute the solution throughout the entire length of the barrels. Push the rod all the way through until it comes out the other end of the barrel.

4. Now for a deeper clean of the barrels, remove the jag from the rod and attach the bronze brush.

5. Spray the brush with bore cleaner and push through the barrel again.

6. Repeatedly move the brush/rod forwards and backwards ‘overlapping’ down the entire length of the barrel.

7. Closely inspect the area just in front of where the cartridge sits known as the forcing cones. If there are stubborn deposits in this area then use a Payne Galway brush which is much more dense and has a more aggressive cleaning action.

8. After loosening the dirt, fit the jag and a clean patch to the rod and remove the debris. This may need a few passes with clean patches.

9. Then, fit the wool mop to the rod and saturate this with a preservative oil such as Bisley Gun Oil, push through the barrel to leave a nice even coating of gun oil.

10. Finally, for the barrels, take your chokes out and give the outsides a wipe with a duster sprayed with gun oil, then reattach to your barrels.

11. Pay particular attention to ensure the threads are cleaned thoroughly, use a thread cleaning tool if you have one or the bronze brush in a rotary motion. When refitting the chokes, it is important to use a grease such as Bisley or Tetra Gun Grease.

12. The next part of the shotgun to clean is the action. Spray the duster with the gun oil and wipe down the all parts of the action. Maybe get a toothbrush in there for all the hard to reach areas and then remove any excess with the rag again.

13. Take the oiled rag and wipe down the part of the fore end that comes into contact with the action and also the end of the barrel with the ejectors to avoid any rusting.

14. Don’t forget, a dab of gun grease on the sliding parts is always a good idea here too.

15. Finally, reassemble your gun and give it the last wipe down and put away ready for your next use.

Why is it important to clean a shotgun?

Firstly, for safety, a clean shotgun is paramount. Excessive build-up of dirt and grime can take away your accuracy of shot and can impact how reliable the gun is. Another vital reason is especially if you have invested heavily in an expensive brand, you want your shotgun to last for many years. Regular maintenance ensures your gun will withstand the tests of time and keep performing every time you use it. For a durable, accurate shotgun, regular cleaning is extremely important.

So, whether you have a Beretta or a Browning, make sure you prioritise their cleaning in your shooting schedule and follow the Allcocks guide of how to clean a shotgun.