Why we’re hooked on Sticky Baits products

Sticky Baits prides itself on providing real nutritional value. This innovative bait company isn’t solely focused on producing a bait that merely attracts fish. Sticky Baits places the health of the fish at the top of the list by producing calcium enriched baits for better carp growth. That’s why Allcocks supplies their high quality products! In this blog, Allcocks staff member and keen fisherman, Ben, tells us why he’s hooked on Sticky Baits products.

How would you best describe the Sticky Baits range?

Sticky Baits offer a manageable yet powerful range of bait. This brand uses nothing but high-quality ingredients in its products which comes through in the results. Sticky Baits has a number of ranges which are all focused on different fishing objectives and on different ingredients.

What range from Sticky Baits would you say is your favourite?

My all-time favourite has to be the Sticky Baits Krill range. I use it for all aspects of my fishing, whether my target species is carp, catfish or barbel; The Krill is the bait I take.

What do you love most about the Sticky Baits Krill range?

The sticky baits krill range has a nice number of products to give you plenty of options and ways to apply the bait.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

The Sticky Baits Krill boilies on their own are fantastic, particularly when fishing at longer range and using the Korda Eazi Stick. However, the majority of my fishing is at smaller lakes and I fish at shorter distances, this allows me to add extra attraction to my boilies for the carp to really home in on. I love to add Pure Krill Liquid to them which really is 'sticky' and then coat them in The Krill Powder and apply them with a catapult or by hand in the margins.

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I also use ESP PVA bags for a lot of my fishing. I like to combine Sticky Baits Krill Pellets, Krill Clusters, Krill Powder and finally some Pure or Cloudy Krill Liquid. This ensures that I have a bag full of attraction around my hook on every cast.

What product would you describe as your go-to Sticky Baits hook bait?

As far as hookbaits go, Signature Wafters have to be my personal favourite. After my trip to France last year, I have the utmost confidence in them. Combined with a 'D' style rig, using Korda components, it can fool the wariest of fish. This year, I will be trying out the new Signature Squid Wafters.

Do you have any fishing success stories you’d like to share?

I previously mentioned the use of The Krill range for different species. Last season, I had huge success using it for barbel on the River Severn. I used a combination of The Krill Paste and The Krill Dumbells to great effect.

At Allcocks, we are proud stockists of Sticky Baits. If you are interested in the Sticky Baits range, and would like further assistance in choosing the perfect bait for your angling needs, simply call us today on 01299 822212.