Which Dubarry boots are right for me?

Looking for a pair of waterproof boots that are perfect for all your country activities? Dubarry are experts in providing stylish, sophisticated boots that are made to withstand all weather conditions when on your outdoor adventures. Wondering which Dubarry boots are the perfect fit for you? In this blog, we explore the many exceptional properties of these women’s waterproof boots.

Which Dubarry boots are the perfect fit for you?

It can be tough determining which boots are the perfect ones for you. At Allcocks, we stock Dubarry boots of all styles, colours and sizes, each serving different purposes. Read on as we showcase some of Dubarry’s most desirable boots.

Dubarry Galway boot

Dubarry waterproof boots

These Dubarry boots for ladies are perfect for those who struggle to find a high-quality boot that fits perfectly around the calves as they are available in both slim fit and extra fit. These knee-high leather tie boots are both stylish and practical with GORE-TEX lining all the way to the top.

Dubarry Galway boots are one of our most popular ranges as they are known for the warmth and comfort that they provide. Want to see for yourself the love and care that goes into the creation of Dubarry Galway boots? Watch this video to witness the journey of all Galway boots. 

Dubarry Roscommon boots

Dubarry Roscommon boot

Looking for ankle length women’s Dubarry boots? Roscommon boots are perfect for summer with a pair of shorts or in the winter with some fluffy socks. Like the Galway boots, the Rosocommon boots are GORE-TEX lined from top to bottom, protecting your feet from the cold and damp. Whether you’re after a pair of boots for your outdoor activities, or some stylish footwear for leisurely days out, the Roscomon boots are the pair for you.

Dubarry Fermoy boots

Dubarry Fermoy boots

Our classic Dubarry Fermoy boots are a popular choice to finish off that fabulous country look. Team these up with some Dubarry stretch jeans or a tweed skirt and you’ve accomplished the ultimate country look. Made with durable rubber and leather, you can be sure that these boots are of the highest quality and made to perform during all your outdoor activities.

How to clean your Dubarry Boots

Keeping your boots clean has never been easier than with Dubarry boots. The GORE-TEX lining makes washing your boots simple, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the condition of your boots. Here, we will take you through the cleaning process step by step:

1. Rinse your boots with fresh, clean water.
2. Lightly scrub to remove any mud or manure.
3. Apply Dubarry’s footwear cleaner spray all over the boot.
4. Scrub further to remove any final residue.
5. Rinse again with fresh water.
6. Leave them to dry naturally.
7. Spray Dubarry footwear protector over the boot.
8. Allow the protector spray to sink in.
9. Finally, apply Dubarry leather cream to any smooth leather sections on the boot.

Need further guidance? Watch one of our experts thoroughly clean a pair of Dubarry boots from start to finish in this video.