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Blackridge Braided Leader Loops


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Blackridge Braided Leader Loops are the culmination of Cortland’s years of experience in providing quality tackle and their understanding of what anglers need for better performances and ease of use. These Blackridge Braided Leader Loops are a testament to this.

Anyone who has ever gone fly fishing can understand that it is not easy. Most surface dwellers are finicky fish that require the smoothest of presentations for any result. The exercise requires a lot of patience and a lot of ability. In the middle of all this there is the painstaking task of tying up the leader to the reel and line with the perfect knot and tying up the tippet to the leader with a perfect knot. A lot of perfect knots determine if an angler has success on the water or not. Blackridge Braided Leader Loops have been designed specially to reduce this hassle.

Blackridge Braided Leader Loops allow anglers to get rid of the knot tying process, and instead focus on casting the perfect line. Made from the highest quality material for the toughest braids, the Cortland Braided Leader Loops allow for neat, fast-holding and reliable joins. Simple to master, these Cortland Braided Leader Loops just need a fly line to go through the loop connector which can be secured with a small shrink tube. The joins made using the Cortland Braided Leader Loops are often much better and certainly more convenient than the best knot an angler can tie.


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