Air Rifle Silencers for Sale

Allcocks Outdoor Store stocks a superb range of airgun silencers, designed to be used with your air rifle or air pistol. Silencers are designed to reduce the amount of noise created by firing an airgun, by slowing the rate of escaping gas and easing the velocity of the bullet. Our range includes high quality air rifle and pistol silencers from reputable silencer manufacturers like Air Arms, Crosman, Parker Hale, BSA, Hogan, Swift, Deben and Weihrauch silencers.

It is worth remembering that due to government legislation, silencers can no longer be sold online. All of our high quality air rifle silencers can be purchased by visiting our shop, where you’ll receive a warm welcome and the very best advice from our knowledgeable team. In the meantime, please feel free to browse our online store to view our outstanding selection of air rifle and pistol silencers here online at Allcocks Outdoor Store.